North Dakota

North Dakota CPE Requirements:

License renewals are due annually on June 30. Those performing accounting, auditing, management or financial advisory, consulting, bookkeeping, or tax services, for a client or an employer's client, while holding out to the public as a licensee in this state, must have completed 120 hours of acceptable CPE in the immediate preceding three reporting periods and at least 20 credit hours each year. All others who in any way hold out as a CPA or LPA in North Dakota (except those on "retired" status, and those who include the term "inactive" when using the CPA or LPA title) must have completed 60 hours in the prior 3 years and at least 16 each year.

Special Requirements/Limitations:

All required CPE can be acquired through self-study.

Do AEG courses qualify for credit in North Dakota ?

Yes. Programs offered by NASBA CPE Registry sponsors qualify, and separate registration is not mandatory. As a member of NASBA’s Registry and QAS sponsor approval programs, our courses are accepted for credit in North Dakota.

How are our recommended CPE hours determined?

As a member of the NASBA Registry and QAS sponsor approval programs, we are required to conform to the measurement standards contained in the Statement on Standards of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Programs developed jointly by NASBA and the AICPA. Under these Standards our credits are based upon 1 CPE credit for every 50-minutes of study time, as determined by the average test results of CPAs pre-testing the material prior to publication.

Board contact information:

North Dakota State Board of Accountancy
2701 South Columbia Road
Grand Forks, ND 58201
Phone: (800) 532-5904
Fax: (701) 775-7430