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State Ethics Courses

Accountants Education Group provides Downloadable PDF and Text-based Ethics Courses for Continuing Professional Education.

If you are required by your State Board to obtain CPE in Ethics, this is the place to be. Each course meets the respective state's requirements for appropriate ethics course content and format. State Board approval of a course has been obtained from the states that require such approval.

The downloadable courses can be taken and completed entirely online, including the final exam. A Certificate of Completion will be presented for you to print for your records when you have successfully completed the course.

The text-based courses are presented in the traditional self-study text format for convenient study anywhere. No matter how you prefer to complete your ethics requirements, Accountants Education Group is there to meet your needs.

General Ethics Courses

In addition to state specific ethics courses, Accountants Education Group offers General Ethics Courses. These courses may be used in addition to your required state ethics courses. General ethics courses are not a substitute for state specific courses.

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