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Advanced Individual Taxation focuses on clearly explaining many of the more advanced topics commonly affecting the taxation of individuals. Topics covered include at-risk provisions, passive activity limitations, deferred compensation options, business carryovers and carrybacks, and more!

Course Highlights:

    Discuss at-risk provisions. Calculate passive activity limitations. Calculate home office deductions. Explain deferred compensation options. Discuss fringe benefits. Discuss self-employed retirement plans. Explain bad debts and worthless securities.

    Advanced Individual Taxation provides clear definitions and examples and explains the current status of many issues, including the relevant IRS Regulations and case law. Advanced Individual Taxation also guides the tax practitioner to the proper tax forms and to the timing of any necessary elections. This course is a valuable tool for today’s CPA!

    Course prerequisite: Understanding of Basic Individual Tax Principles
    Course level: Intermediate
    Field of Study: Taxes
    Course format: Text

    Recommended CPE Credit: 20 hours

     Course No.PriceQuantity
    Course and Exam
    AIN20 $ 190
    Additional Exams Only
    AIN20X $ 50

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