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Updated! Accounting professionals are being inundated with regulatory and professional changes of late, and never before has the need to stay on top of these changes been more evident. Recent headlines attest to the public's demand for the profession's continued competency and the consequences to the profession of not complying with these new regulations. This course informs the reader of recent regulatory and professional changes promulgated by the FASB, the FASB's EITF, the Auditing Standards Board, and more.

This course was written by a practicing CPA familiar with the relevant issues facing practitioners today.

Course Prerequisite: None
Course Level: Overview
Field of Study: Accounting (12 hours)/Auditing (12 hours)
Course Format: Downloadable Text

Recommended CPE Credit: 24 hours

 Course No.PriceQuantity
Course and Exam
PDFAAR22 $ 200
Additional Exams Only
PDFAAR22X $ 60

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