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ASSETS, INCOME AND CASH - Download Version

This course integrates federal taxation with overall financial planning. The course will explore tax strategies relating to the central financial tactics of wealth building, capital preservation, and estate distribution. The result is a unified explanation of tax-economics that will permit the tax professional to locate, analyze, and solve financial concerns. Designed to improve the quality of services to clients and the profitability of engagements, this course projects the accountant into the world of financial planning. This course will give the participant practice in analyzing problems, developing solutions, and presenting final personal financial plans to clients.

Course Highlights:

  • Contrast short-term financial goals with the four generic investment purposes.
  • Evaluate the tax consequences of title holding methods.
  • Name three goals of money management and listing four types of income.
  • Explain why individuals should take primary responsibility for the investment planning including necessary self-education.
  • Apply at least six tax saving credits identifying qualified computational expenses and describing their limitations and restrictions.
  • List three requirements for business expenses to meet the directly related test.
  • Maximize the tax opportunities available to an unincorporated business.
  • List five basic estate-planning goals, and outlining the benefits and drawbacks of the three primary dispositive plans.

Course prerequisite: None
Course level: Overview
Field of Study: Taxes
Course format: Downloadable Text

Recommended CPE Credit: 18 hours

 Course No.PriceQuantity
Course and Exam
PDFAC2 $ 160
Additional Exams Only
PDFAC2X $ 45

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