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Updated and revised! This course will inform the reader of the various changes to accounting and financial reporting affecting the accounting professional. Topics include a review of FASB projects including those related to financial performance, leases, and financial instruments, practice issues involving the statement of cash flows, fair value reporting, pensions, the international convergence project, little GAAP, and more. Also included is a discussion of COVID-19’s impact on accounting and financial reporting.

This course should be required reading for all CPAs actively involved in the practice of accounting and financial reporting.

Course Prerequisite: None
Course Level: Overview
Field of Study: Accounting
Course Format: Downloadable Text

Recommended CPE Credit: 16 hours

 Course No.PriceQuantity
Course and Exam
PDFAUC22 $ 140
Additional Exams Only
PDFAUC22X $ 40

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