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CHOICE OF ENTITY -Mini course-Download Version

This course describes and compares sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies, ā€œCā€ corporations and ā€œSā€ corporations. It examines their advantages and disadvantages, permitting the participant to properly select the right business entity for their tax and liability needs.

Course Highlights:

  • Compare and contrast the central differences among business entities and the advantages and disadvantages associated with five basic business entity types.
  • Explain the tax attributes of sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLCs, S corporations and C corporations.
  • Direct clients about the unique and general taxes applicable to particular entities and the tax forms that may be required.
  • Describe the basic deductions that are permissible for each entity type.
  • Summarize the tax years, accounting methods and valuation methods that each entity type may use.
  • Determine for different entity types the basis and the tax effect of sales, exchanges, transfers, contributions and distributions.

Course prerequisite: None
Course level: Overview
Field of Study: Taxes
Course format: Downloadable Text

Recommended CPE Credit: 4 hours

 Course No.PriceQuantity
Course and Exam
PDFCO1 $ 45
Additional Exams Only
PDFCO1X $ 20

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