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This course is essential for participants who wish to attain a comfortable retirement for themselves and their clients by maximizing tax saving strategies. Retirement income needs are calculated; net after tax Social Security benefits are determined; and distribution options from IRAs and retirement plans are explored. Special consideration is given to the tax treatment of the home and business on retirement. Buy-sell agreements are discussed and eldercare planning is examined.

Course Highlights:

  • Analyze personal retirement maps with clients to suit their objectives & lifestyles.
  • Explain how Social Security funds are assessed and then paid.
  • List the requirements to receive Social Security retirement benefits.
  • Differentiate nonqualified and qualified deferred compensation plans identifying their benefits and contributions limits.
  • Distinguish defined contribution from defined benefit retirement plans.
  • Name two popular ways to receive distributions from a retirement plan or an IRA.
  • Advise clients on lump-sum distributions permitting them to receive special tax treatment on the distribution.
  • List at least five reasons to purchase life insurance and name four parties with rights in a life insurance policy.
  • Explain the relationship between home sales and the capital gains rates.

Course prerequisite: None
Course level: Overview
Field of Study: Specialized Knowledge
Course format: Downloadable Text

Recommended CPE Credit: 24 hours

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Course and Exam
PDFFRP2 $ 200
Additional Exams Only

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